frequently asked questions

We have compiled some of the most common questions asked by couples considering their wedding photographer. Remember, if you would like to talk to me personally please feel free to contact me via phone or E-mail.


Q.What awards, if any, have you won for your photography?
A. I have won many awards over the years. Recent awards includes: Wedding Photographer of the Year 1998, Alternative Wedding Photographer 1998 and East Midlands Master Photographer of the Year 1998. In the past 2 years I have won many other similar awards for my work.


Q. Do you belong to any governing bodies?
A. Yes. I am currently an active member of The Master Photographers Association at Licentiate level. The association looks after the buying public as well as its members to ensure your are commissioning a competent photographer.


Q. How many photographers work for you?
A. None! All the photography you see here on this site and all my samples which are freely available for you to view were taken by me. I do have a female assistant to help me with organising the wedding party and my equipment but that’s all.


Q. If we want to meet you to discuss our wedding, do we come to you or do you visit us?
A. Until recently you had the choice of either since my business was based at home. However we have recently bought and purposely designed our own studio in Long Eaton where you can come and see a selection of my work in relaxed, comfortable surroundings without the usual distractions.


Q.We live outside of your immediate area
- are you willing to travel and what costs are involved?

A. I am more than happy to travel any distance for your wedding and in most cases this does not add any further expense. However, if it is a great distance we would agree a sensible fee to cover the cost of fuel and as on the odd occasion, overnight accommodation.

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