August..! The New British Rainy Season!

August ! The New British Rainy season ?Is our climate now like the Seychelles and the rest of those beautiful Islands in the Indian Ocean? Photography By Tanya Weddings August 2010 were lucky and blessed with beautiful weather we managed to escape the dark clouds that seem to be ever present on the horizon ready to deposit their load on hundreds of happy people and how many guests take along the wet weather accessory The Umbrella?

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding but the one that is in the back of every brides mind is “Will the sun shine and the weather be kind ? Planning is key as in the 18 years I have been in the wedding industry having a Plan B is crucial. 

Where does todays Bride start? Yes she wants to look dazzling in those beautiful silk shoes but if the rain has left its mark on the ground then theres a chance it will on her shoes that is why we always take along protective cloths so that if the weather does ease the outdoor shooting opportunities are still achievable.

Certain fabrics tend to show the rain spots that are unavoidable in the dash from the car to the ceremony but soon evaporate in all the excitement.On the brighter side if we didnt have any rain we wouldnt have such a beautiful lush green country with stunning backdrops for the gorgeous images to un fold.

But the grooms ,how do they prepare? Most gents seems to escape the water droplets on their morning suits and their hair is usually short and able to take a quick dash of a spring shower without even having a strand out of place ! yes ladies I know what you are thinking its not fair! But wouldnt you want your prince charming to arrive imacculate rather than a drowned rat?