Long Eaton sunshine!

The sun shone on a beautiful day for my lovely couple Laura & Jamie at the local church of St Laurence

After the boys had arrived looking great in their morning suits a sense of excitement started to spread near to the local church giving the town an air of anticipation associated with celebrities.

As the beautiful Mercedes pulled up outside the church the crowd started to gather to catch a glimpse of Laura who looked stunning.Little girls shopping with their mums trying to get a peek at what they could only think was a princess, and Laura you looked every inch a princess.

Its great to travel all over the world as we do to photograph beautiful weddings but shooting a beautiful wedding in our local town is really special.St Laurence is quietly tucked away and yet majestic and a lovely backdrop for family groups.

As we left with confetti settling outside the church gates ,the gathered crowd was rewarded with Laura and Jamie’s beaming smiles standing beside their luxury car which drove them onwards to The Village Hotel at Chilwell Nottingham.It was here that family and friends gave them a great warm welcome on the red carpet outside the hotel,a signal to celebrate !

Thank you both for a great day you looked fantastic , big hugs and all the happiness to you both.xx

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