The Perfect Placement

DSC_0416“What do you want to be when you are older?” is a question I am often asked but my answer is always – I don’t know. So as you can imagine, picking a work experience placement was quite a task. Despite being clueless, I did know that I wanted to work hard, have a job that demands me to be intelligent and creative and work with people and that to me screamed Tanya as I have known her from previous family portraits (which were fab by the way). A week being Tanya’s awesome assistant was everything I expected and so much more as I got a glimpse of every side of the business from confident clients and diva dogs to fabulous photography and outstanding origami! On day one I was shown some different cameras from years ago including Tanya’s first camera that she has had since she was 10. She assured me that the camera wasn’t that old but photography sure has developed since then! I was then back at school for a bit whilst I learnt how to manually use a professional camera and focus it, zoom with a fancy lense and change the aperture and shutter speed depending on the lighting (is your brain hurting yet?). Next, it was time to put what I had been taught to the test as we went to the local florist and took some lovely pictures of their flowers (big thank you to Sue at Sweet Williams Florist for letting us do that). After some feed back from Tanya I had another go and then printed off some of my favourites. That night Tanya was kind enough to let me take home her brilliant Nikon Camera so I could try out my photography skills on my family- mum wasn’t that impressed but my sister and my dog loved it.

Day two saw me spend some time putting together a portfolio of my favourite photos. After this I sat in on some customers viewing the portraits they’d had taken the week before. Next Tanya set me the task of reorganising one of her filing systems which was surprisingly very enjoyable, despite being one of the less glamorous sides of the job. Finally in the afternoon, I tried out some product photography which was quite hard as I was taking pictures of silver watches and other things that are very small but have a lot of detail and can also reflect light and images of you.

On day three, I added some more pictures to my portfolio and then I tackled some cardboard whilst trying to make them into boxes which was so fiddly, (I think I’m an origami expert now!). In the afternoon, I started to write this blog post and finished it on day four.

I had a great week with Tanya and I would like to thank her for everything she taught me about the world of work- it truly was the perfect placement.

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