The Perfect Placement

DSC_0416“What do you want to be when you are older?” is a question I am often asked but my answer is always – I don’t know. So as you can imagine, picking a work experience placement was quite a task. Despite being clueless, I did know that I wanted to work hard, have a job that demands me to be intelligent and creative and work with people and that to me screamed Tanya as I have known her from previous family portraits (which were fab by the way). A week being Tanya’s awesome assistant was everything I expected and so much more as I got a glimpse of every side of the business from confident clients and diva dogs to fabulous photography and outstanding origami! Continue reading

Halloween Horrors!

Little Munchkins and smurfs witches and goblins!  which graced your studio ?

Halloween brought all varieties of little devils to the studio and we had great family fun as it was the end of the half term school holidays the children coming through the studio doors were excited and looking forward to a sugar intake of major chocolate proportions. Continue reading